Laboratory 2010

Didactic exhibition of Man Ray Photo School
By Stefano Grassi and Pamela Sau

Inauguration Saturday, September 11 at 18.30
From September 11 to 7th November, 2010
Castle of San Michele
Via Sirai, Cagliari



"Light, color, composition, focus, objective, plane, field, subject..." are the words from a wide photographic vocabulary pronounced so many times in the Cultural Center Man Ray of Cagliari during six months of the Photoschool, first in Sardinia, directed by Stefano Grassi. Technical terms that become an inspiration for reflection and discussion, through the progress that not always is linear and didactic, where student has to confront himself not only with photographic technics and language, but also with other such as class, teachers and environment around them. Photography like a video are the tools of present memory, they deliver images of the real world, mediated in inescapable way from the person who tells them Images are our impressions, our points of view and our free interpretations that describe a part of our daily life.
During the course, students were invited to choose one argument to photograph, one aspect of reality, one conceptual element, one mood. This individual research guides a look of whom makes it to specific training, to experimentation that, if followed with determination, leads to positive results.  mattia_atzeeniResult is this didactic exhibition called Laboratory 2010, it is a summary of studies of pupils of Man Ray Photo School, of their growth and maturation of visuality like a development of new and critical subjective perception. Themes are different from portrait, this year mostly female, until the landscape in all possible ways: naturalistic, abstract, symbolic and suggestive. School of photography also realized a group work on the Western theme, where horses and cowboys are tamed by photo cameras and synergistic teamwork with an attentive direction of Stefano Grassi. Preliminary studio of location, make-up and dresses led to the realization, in only one day, of different sets reconstructed outside, with pupils of school like protagonists.
Some of the interpreters you can find also in the series of Davide Atzei, untitled Backstage, which represents a complete summary of activities carried out by the class during this course. Stolen shots where photographer himself is a subject of the images, a play of Chinese puzzle that reveals a research and strong work behind the scenes.roberta1Against a naturalness of these shots opposes violently series of surreal breakfasts of Michela Locci, who makes every effort to reconstruct sets studied until the least details, with an aim to give life to dreamy extraordinary situations where appears  combination of madness and absurdity of vague Bunuel’s inspiration.
Similarly, Silvia Corona proves in the sequence of Tarots, staged photography- mise-en-scene. Portrayed subjects assume poses of ancient playing cards with a personal interpretation; while, in the following series, she realizes female portraits where appear close-ups of intense looks which refer to natural complicity between model and photographer.In the language of fashion speak photos of Roberta Nateri, where the time is beaten of flows of different looks, from Twenties until Eighties. Her models reinterpret a taste of former times that return into the memory thanks to the striking evocations of images.
Portraits of Emiliano Mulas study female physiognomy in two aspects of joy and francesco_loisorrow, transmission of moods shared through the expressions of the face.
Also Stefania Murgia in the series Indirect Self-portrait performs a careful analysis of somatic features of people familiar to her: sister and grandmother. Two generations put in relation of expressions and attitudes, in the analysis of characteristic elements present also in her.
Gianluca Atzori
deals with a delicate theme of degradation of the environment through the water pollution. Dramatic still life of garbage, seen every day in the borders of our cities and put into a frame of the objective of photographer, are carriers of the message, strong warning for all people.
Presence of water also is noted in the theme of Francesco Loi, there are close-ups of ground, sediments where water drew like a brush its lines and curves that appear on the ground like abstract compositions. Photographer construct this way a connection between photography and painting, where photography makes visible particulars that from a distance become almost invisible.
Further witnesses of declension of the environment are landscapes of Michele Carta, where degradation of some urban ruins is accentuated with a strong light and shade contrasts and unusual perspectives.massimiliano_mocciMattia Atzeni studies night lights and movement along the streets of Cagliari and of hinterland. Luminous trails of cars, made uniform by long exposure, follow contours of architectures and contribute to give a bigger sense of movement to surfaces of roadways, creating vaguely surreal compositions.Panoramic photos of Giovanni Caddeo have like a protagonist a mountain. A double series, in hot and cold tonalities, of Nordic peaks, prompts observer to stop and try to listen a silent dialogue between peaks and clouds that are around them.Finally, photos of Massimiliano Mocci are symbolic landscapes, only partly recognizable places that evoke a sense of deep suspension, made by density of atmosphere, suggestive of the human condition in front of greatness of nature.

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