Ritratti (Portraits)


StMultimedia project of Wanda Nazzari
By Alessandra Menesini


Citadel of Museums of Cagliari

Opening Friday 16th January 2009, at 18 pm




Performance: Stefano Raccis;
poetry: Giuseppe Pettinau;
dance: 0n0nff.


From 16th until 25th January 2009 (except Monday)- from 9 until 13 am- from 16 until 19 pm


STANZE is a project created by Wanda Nazzari, artistic director of Cultural Centre Man Ray of Cagliari, multi-purpose space dedicated to contemporary artistic research.


Exhibition of the STANZE presents installations and personal exhibitions of already noted artists, where works of each of them constitute a complete cycle, a kind of research of each artist about the theme that is always different and chosen by noted curators.


This year the exhibition of the STANZE takes place in the presence of two noted photographers of Cagliari, who had absolutely different formative experiences: Stefano Grassi and Max Solinas, who analysed the theme of identity through the portrait.


Stefano Grassi specializes as a set photographer in the European Institute of Design of Cagliari. From 1995 is a charter member of Cultural Centre Man Ray. He exhibited in Sardinia, Milan, New York, Dakar (Senegal), Orlando (Florida), Bellinzona (Switzerland). In 2004 directs a seminar of video production at International Festival of Cinema of Pola (Croatia),  with a contribution of National Institute of Culture of Zagreb. He produced various video, among which, in 2008, “To meet up again, to integrate generations to prevent degeneracy”, sponsored by Ministry of Education. He teaches photography, video and visual communication in the Cultural Centre Man Ray and in public schools. Now he is didactic director of the Experimental School of Photography ( Man Ray Photo School).


For the exhibition STANZE “PORTRAITS” Stefano Grassi, who for many years works on the theme of Identity, presents series of unpublished images untitled “TRESPASS”, or “transgression, sin”. The only subject of the cycle is a young dark and interpretation of her “night, obscure, vaguely gothic”world. In the images of Grassi “more than a body (…), a protagonist is an inner sphere, hidden part that we call a soul ” A.Menesini.


Max Solinas is a photo reporter. From 1985 until 1992 works in Rome in the field of cinema, like a set photographer. From 1992 dedicates himself to photojournalism.  He published for the biggest daily, weekly and monthly newspapers,  both Italian and foreign ( Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Panorama, L' Espresso, Corriere della Sera Magazine, Il Venerdì, Meridiani, Vogue Italia, El Mundo, El Pais, Liberation, Le Monde, Daily Mirror, The Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Bild, New York Times). In 2008 exhibits in the itinerant collective exhibition “1945-2005, photojournalism in Italy”, by Uliano Lucas.


For the exhibition STANZE “PORTRAITS”, Max Solinas presents a cycle of images with a title “ANGELS”: “male portraits, (…) a gallery of not young and not beautiful, (…) without home and without family who chose or suffered not positive experience”.


A. Menesini



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