STANZE VII edition

Unequal forms. Sculptures and surroundings in Sardinia


Maria Lai - Wanda Nazzari - Gianfranco Pintus - Josephine Sassu - Pinuccio Sciola


Multimedia project of Wanda Nazzari
By Raffaella Venturi


[…] The connection and interaction with a space is sensed by the artist, also when it is not choicely a sculptor, as a necessary, as a indispensable part of the work. In this sense is framed also an original vocation of the “ROOMS”, multimedia exhibition that for already seven years is offered by Cultural Centre Man Ray of Cagliari: at the beginning various artists were invited to interfere with their installations and performances, everyone in one “room” of that addition of evocative environment, and so connoted, that formed first venue of the Man Ray Centre, in the ancient Amat Palace of Castello. Eventually the exhibition was opened for artistic experiences that not necessarily were installations, as reconnaissance about painting in Sardinia and, also for logistic needs, was postponed to division in the rooms of the exhibition.
The present edition, even if presented in wide and unitary expositive room of the Citadel of Museums of Cagliari, wants to reconnect somehow an exhibition to its original significance (that also keeping in consideration insertion of the exhibition, wanted by professor Maria Luisa Frongia, in the didactic program of the School of Specialization in History of Art). A space has to be interpreted ideally subdivided in five parts that, if not exactly “rooms”, can be experienced as “stations”. From five chosen artists- Maria Lai, Wanda Nazzari, Gianfranco Pintus, Josephine Sassu and Pinuccio Sciola- different for generations, researches and references, derived naturally a demand to interfere with an installation.[…]


Raffaella Venturi