Man Ray Photo School 2015/2016

The Man Ray Photo School, a school of experimental photography, has been teaching in Sardinia for twenty years. Courses last seven months and are taught by four teachers highly specialized in the following subjects: Visual Communications, Theory of Photography, Studio Photography and Exteriors, Fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, History of Photography and Art, Marketing and Business Strategy, Makeup, Psychology of Art, Fundamentals of English in Photography.
Photoschool’s activities are for everyone who wants to discover the world of photography, to appreciate its expressive potentiality and for those ones who already know all basic techniques and want to deepen their knowledge in some specific fields like Portrait, Geografical reportage, Digital photography, and plan to work professionally in the field of photography.
The aim is to provide a solid theoretical and technical grounding leading to the production of quality photographs and, most of all, to instil a new outlook on reality through the development of the critical and constructive sense that is essential in the search for a distinctive style.
The requisites are a strong will to learn a new means of communication, modesty and willingness to share a common passion within a group where there is a constant critical and constructive exchange.
The teaching of photography calls for a method consolidated in the school’s many years of experience with the support of highly specialized teachers.
The Man Ray Photo School – Sardinia’s only school of photography - deals comprehensively with all subjects photographers need to keep abreast of their times.
Our twenty years of experience have shown that seven months (a school year) is the minimum period for learning any discipline.
The Man Ray Cultural Centre - a multipurpose space dedicated to contemporary artistic research, continues to follow the school's best students even after they complete their course with the aim of readying them to participate as professional photographers in public exhibitions.


The school is divided into two modules.

– The first month is introductory to image analysis (critical analysis and interpretation of images and composition). Contrary to what is commonly believed, photography is not merely a "technical" discipline, but an extraordinary means that leads to the acquisition of expressive and communicative competence; having such competence means being capable of converting one's experience into a message and understanding the different systems of signs in the cultural environment in which one lives.

Still in the first month of the course, the students attend lessons on the theory of light (the raw material of photography) and colour; only through the study of the main elements of applied physics can one arrive at a mastery of technique.

From the very first lesson students are invited to choose a photographic theme (portrait, landscape, architecture, still life, concept and so on) which will be the subject of a photograph book for presentation at the end of the course.

In the second month students continue to acquire confidence with their cameras in the first period of studio portraits. At the same time they begin lessons in computer science centred on the Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop platforms, which are essential in acquiring, optimizing and saving one's images.

The second month also marks the beginning of lessons on theoretical and practical photographic techniques. These end in January with a written test to monitor students' progress.

Starting from the month of February students begin meetings with the teachers to find a group theme stimulated by the cinema. The relationship between photography and cinema is what inspires the sets produced collectively in the course of the year by the students of the Man Ray Photo School, with the application of the techniques of the cinema, of which group work is one of the most important characteristics. Students work in all steps of producing the work: styling, direction of photography, production, backstage photography and video recordings, scene design and makeup. Special attention is devoted to film direction under the supervision of the director Stefano Grassi. This approach makes it possible to create a sequence of images forming a narrative, but most of all it gives the students experience in teamwork, which is the usual situation in the field of professional photography. 

Some examples of teamwork inspired by the cinema.

Also planned are meetings with professional photographers who present their work to the students and excursions to places of great natural and cultural interest, where students strengthen the group spirit and exchange constructive ideas in the field. 

In April, the results achieved by the best students are selected for participation in the year-end exhibition, Laboratory 2016. Besides the works produced during the year, the exhibition presents the results of teamwork planned under the supervision of the school's teaching staff. The Laboratory exhibition takes place every year in prominent public and private galleries in Cagliari; the most recent ones have taken place at the Municipal Centre of Art and Culture at the Castello di San Michele in Cagliari, the Municipal Centre of Art and Culture at the former Lazarette, the Temporary Storing Space of the Bartoli Felter Art Foundation, the Bacheca Art Gallery and the Exmà Municipal Centre of Art and Culture.



Seven teachers, a tutor and an assistant photographer are included in the school's teaching staff: Stefano Grassi (visual communication, applied physics, photographic theory and technique); Davide Atzei (fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop); Ivana Salis (history of photography and art and tutor); David Nilson (fundamentals of English in photography); Cristian Fanni (assistant photographer).



Teacher: Stefano Grassi

Composition theory (analysis and critical reading of the images). The visual process. Spatial vision of an image: geometric perspective, overlapping; contrast lighting, structural changes, angle of view, degree of culture observer. Images from a mainly informative, formal aesthetic, emotional.
Essential criteria for the analysis of the composition. Elements of the composition object of analysis.

Teacher: Stefano Grassi

The light. Visible spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared. Primary colors of additive synthesis of light; subtractive primary colors of light colors complement each other. Differences between analogue and digital photography. Opaque objects and objects transparent and translucent.

Luminous phenomena: absorption. Reflection: specular, diffuse, selective. Transmission: direct, diffuse and selective. Refraction and its laws. Diffraction.

Teacher: Stefano Grassi

The 35 mm camera.; Photographic accessories; objectives: focal length, angle of view, brightness, hyperfocal, light values (EV), shutter speed, aperture, depth of field characteristics of digital sensors, brightness contrast, lighting, contrast of the subject, techniques of exposure: reflected light, incident light, use of electronic flasher, psychology and photogenic portrait, fields and floors, the main patterns of lighting in the room installation.

Teacher: Davide Atzei

Digital darkroom. Management, elaboration and visualization of digital photographic files in efficient and quick way. How to optimize shots with a help of tools of non destructive editing, like advanced controls of colour and shade, advanced contrast and reduction of digital disturbance. Exportation for a print, creation of filmed presentations with audio and Web galleries. Efficient management of photo collection with features of import, assignment of tags based on metadata, classification, ecc. Inclusion of Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Teacher: Stefano Grassi

For an achievement of good technical mastery in use of photographic equipment in photo studio and outside will be discussed: portrait, psychology and photogenity; lighting schemes of portrait: full, rembrandt, silhouette, diffuse, backlight; techniques of measuring of lighting, incident and reflected; shooting in photo studio; geographical and social reportage: are planned 4/5 outings.

Teacher: Ivana Salis

Through the historical excursus will be retraced important moments of development of artistic movements that characterized Arts from its origins till contemporary tendencies.

Teacher: Ivana Salis 

Through the historical excursus will be retraced important moments of development of artistic movements that characterized photography from its origins till contemporary tendencies.

Teacher: David Nilson

Considering the possibility of working abroad, it is essential to be aware of the dynamics that go into the preparation of a letter of presentation and a curriculum vitae.
How to contact a photographer's agency abroad?
How to direct a photography set in English? Practical examples in the studio.
Basic phrases and glossary

Teacher: Dr. Elisabetta Randaccio

Analysis and critical reading of films “The Man with a Movie Camera” (1929) of Dziga Vertov. “Profession reporter” of Michelangelo Antonioni (1975).



StefanoStefano Grassi lives and works in Cagliari. From 1985 to 2007 was owner of the Studio of Visual Communication PhotArt (agency of services for publishing and advertising).
In 1988 specializes as a set photographer in the European Institute of Design of Cagliari with an experimental thesis in set photography. Works in Milan with a fashion photographer Klaus Zaugg. The same year starts teaching photography, video and visual communication (European Institute of Design, Company of Lateral Art, Cultural Centre Man Ray and public schools). Also teached in special artistic projects for disabled people.
From 1993 to 1994 lives in Rome where works as a set photographer of Parioli Theatre in television broadcast  “Maurizio Costanza show”.
In 1995 is one of the charter members of the Cultural Centre Man Ray- Polyvalent Space dedicated to contemporary artistic experimentations- which preside first 4 years and where works as a director of didactic activities and organisation of events. From 2007 is centre’s director once again.
Between 2002 and 2003 realizes various video of shows of the Theatre of Sardinia. In 2004, invited of Italian Institute of Culture of Zagreb, makes a seminar of video production during the International Festival of Cinema and of Theatre of Pola (Croatia), where presents his last short film “Maimones’s land” and produces new one “Mercat dance” with his pupils.
Collaborates with newspapers “L’Unione Sarda” and “La Nuova Sardegna”. His services of current news appeared on national and private networks. Produced various short films and didactic video. Realized services of geographical and social reportage in different foreign countries. Is responsable for organization of publishing coordination of all of the exhibitions of Cultural Centre Man Ray.

In 2012 he produced, with the musician Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella, three shows about "Artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century": “Wassily Kandinsky and the synthesis of the arts”; “Man Ray between reality and fiction”; “Jackson Pollock: genius and madness”.
In 2012 he opens "Man Ray Law and Justice" with the seminary of political  philosophy  "Gramsci intellectual humanity, this is the reality, here is the struggle for the restoration of democracy". The latter was constituted by eleven lectures given at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Cagliari, by professors, judges, educators, economists and communication experts.
1987 – “IV Plexus art-co-opera”, New York, Sardinia, Dakar.
1988 – “Plexus International Art Slaves” – Carloforte (Province of Cagliari).
1988 – “Immagini pubblicitarie”, group exhibition, Galleria Arte Duchamp, Cagliari.
1991 – “Dal fotogiornalismo alle nuove tendenze”, Galleria Comunale d’Arte – section of advertising photography, Cagliari.
1992 – “International Exhibition WCCP” – Orlando Florida (USA).
1992 – “Il respiro dell’occhio”, One-man exhibition (the nude) I.E.D. Cagliari.
1993 – “Origine” – Mostra Internazionale di fotografia – One-man exhibition (the nude), Bastione San Remy, Cagliari.
1994 – “Aleph” – Stage installation for the theatrical event of Elisabetta Diana, Teatro dell’Arco, Cagliari.
1996 – “Cinque Fotografi per un’isola” – organised by Mauro Rombi, Cagliari, Bellinzona (Switzerland).
1997 – “Becoming nude”, – International Photographic Exhibition organised by Lanfranco Colombo (S.Grassi, J.Oppedisano, A.Zirpoli), Bastione di S.Remy, Cagliari.
1998 – “Fiori nel costume sardo”, organised by Lanfranco Colombo, One-man exhibition, Galleria Giovenzana, Milano.
1999 – “Immagini e Società”, La bronzistica figurata nuragica, Palazzo Regio, Cagliari.
2000 – “Metamorfosi”, One-man exhibition for the review of visual arts “Attraversamenti”, Man Ray Center, organised by I.S.Fenu, Casa Olla, Quartu.
2000 – “Metropolis”, organised by A.Menesini – Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2001 – “Metamorfosi”, one-man exhibition for the review of visual arts “Attraversamenti”, Centro Man Ray, organized by Mariolina Cosseddu, Casa Olla, Quartu S.E.
2001 – “The time is over”, cortometraggio per la Rassegna “Stanze 2001, Ibride stanze”, a cura di Ivo Serafino Fenu, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2002 – “Imperfetto futuro  art in progress 2001”, short film by DVD dur. 14’, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2003 – “Imperfetto futuro  art in progress 2002”, short film by DVD dur. 18’, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2003 – Presenta tre cortometraggi al Teatro Comunale di Sarroch in occasione dell’happening Imperfetto futuro: “Metamorphosis” (dur. 2’30”); “The Time is over” (dur. 5’30”); “Imperfetto futuro art in progress 2002” (dur.18’).
2003 – “Stanze 2003”, progetto multimediale, Museo del Territorio, Galleria Artisti contemporanei, Villanovaforru (CA). Presenta una nuova serie di immagini di nudo e i suoi cortometraggi.
2004 – “ANIME”, One-man exhibition for the International Festival of Cinema and Theatre of Pola, Municipal Theatre of Pola (Croazia).
2005 – “ANIME”, one-man exhibition, By Mariolina Cosseddu, Liceo Classico Manno, Alghero (SS).
2005“Imperfetto futuro art in progress”, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2005“Centro Man Ray 1995 – 2005”, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2006  “Dove gli angeli?”, by Roberta Vanali, Centro Man Ray, Cagliari.
2006  “Il fuoco di Abramo”, by Mariolina Cosseddu, Castello di S. Michele, Cagliari.
2006 – “In transito”, by Ivo Serafino Fenu, Museo Peppetto Pau, Nuraghi (OR).
2006/07 – “It’s still dark in the night”, One-man exhibition , by Ivo Serafino Fenu, Man Ray, Cagliari.
2007 –“Il fuoco di Abramo”, by Mariolina Cosseddu, Seminario Arcivescovile, Oristano.
2008 – “Laboratorio 2008”,  by Stefano Grassi e Pamela Sau. Mostra didattica di fotografia allievi Man Ray, Cagliari.
2009 – Stanze, Ritratti, VIII edizione, by Alessandra MenesiniCagliari.
2010 – Stanze IX edizione, by Mariolina CossedduCagliari.
2010 - Stanze X edizione, Di Luce e di Tempo, by Efisio Carbone,  Castello San Michele, Cagliari.
2011 – Stanze, Utopie del quotidiano XI edizione, by Rita Pamela Ladogana, Castello San Michele, Cagliari.
2012 – Stanze, Quinte mobili edizione XII edizione, by Mariolina Cosseddu, Exmà, Cagliari.
2012 – Stanze Land(e)scape XIII edizione, by Efisio Carbone, Castello San Michele, Cagliari.
2013 - Vamp - Exhibition of contemporary art, by Giacomo Pisano, Exmà, Cagliari, Cagliari.
2013 - New Frontiers - International exibition of Photography, Exmà, by Wanda Nazzari, Mariolina Cosseddu, Valentina Neri, Ivana SalisCagliari. 
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2015 - "Metti un nido in Cittadella", participatory art event, Cagliari.
1989 – “Panna Acida”, di Pierluigi Di Todaro e Stefano Grassi, dur. 23’. Cortometraggio teletrasmesso da Rai 3 e 1° canale Televisione Svizzera.
1991 – “Il Gruppo di Iniziativa”, Regia Roberto Olla, fotografia Stefano Grassi, produzione RAI 3.
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2002 – “Interrupted”, video sull’opera artistica di Simone Dulcis, dur. 10’.
2002 – “La luna lo sa”, produzione Teatro di Sardegna, xx Festival “La notte dei Poeti”  Teatro Romano di Nora, committente Teatro di Sardegna.
2002 – “Giocando con Shakespeare” con Valeria Moriconi, produzione CEDAC Sardegna,  xx Festival “La notte dei Poeti”,  Teatro Romano di Nora. Committente CEDAC.
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2003 –  “Metamorphosis” , cortometraggio (dur. 2’30”), supporto DVD.
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2003 – “Paolo Rossi Recital”, produzione video XXI Festival “La notte dei Poeti”, committente CEDAC.
2003 – “Corsi teatrali Riverran”, spot pubblicitario per la televisione (dur. 10”), committente Associazione Teatrale Riverran, Cagliari.
2003 – “Il gioco possibile”, regia di F. Kalomenidis e F. Sanna. Cura la direzione della fotografia e la postproduzione.
2004 – “Maimone’s Land” dur. 7’30”. Con il contributo dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Zagabria (Croazia)
2004 – “Mercat dance” dur. 13’30”. Con il contributo dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Zagabria (Croazia)
2005 – “Un giorno a Burcei” dur. 14’. Corto esito del laboratorio svolto presso la Scuola Media Statale di Burcei.
2005 – “Superabili barriere”, dur. 15’. Corto esito del laboratorio svolto presso l’Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Primo Levi” di Quartu S. Elena.
2006  “Fiori & Spose”, sfilata moda, committente Fiera Internazionale della Sardegna.
2006  “La Parrucca”, committente Sirio Sardegna Teatro, regia di Marco Nateri.
2007 “School life”, dur. 25’,  corto esito del laboratorio svolto presso l’Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Primo Levi” di Quartu S. Elena.
2008 “Franca Nurchis: Poesie e Opere”, produzione di un DVD sull’opera artistica e letteraria dell’artista Franca Nurchis.
2008 “Ritrovarsi, integrare le generazioni per prevenire le de-generazioni”. Produzione di un DVD demo contro il fenomeno del bullismo. Finanziato dal Ministereo della Pubblica Istruzione.
2009 – “Quale futuro per la scuola”, video laboratorio inchiesta sulle problematiche della scuola realizzato con il contributo dell’Istituto Professionale Meucci di Cagliari.
2011 – " Del cielo, del mare, dei sogni", cortometraggio dedicato all'opera dell'artista Gaetano Brundu (dur. 7' 30''). EXMA, Cagliari.
2014 - "Wanda Nazzari - Tracce", video documentary about Wanda Nazzari, (dur. 20'), Spazio San Pancrazio, Cittadella dei Musei di Cagliari.
Permanent works
Galleria Comunale d’Arte di Cagliari; Credito Industriale Sardo Cagliari; Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid (Spagna); Galleria WCCP, Orlando, Florida (USA); Centro Culturale Man Ray, Cagliari; Galleria Incontri, Bellinzona, (Svizzera); Galleria Il Diaframma, Milano; Collezionisti privati (Svizzera, Italia).
Had written about him
Vladimir Begic, Giovanna Caltagirone, Martino Casalini, Claudio Cerritelli, Placido Cherchi, Lanfranco Colombo, Mariolina Cosseddu, Ivo Serafino Fenu, Maria Paola Masala, Alessandra Menesini, Francesca Mulas, Salvatore Naitza, Maria Nilson, Erica Olmetto, Daniela Paba, Giorgio Pellegrini, Enrico Pinna, Mauro Rombi, Pamela Sau, Celestino Tabasso, Raffaella Venturi, Roberta Vanali, Franca Zaru.

DSC_0448-Modifica-ModificaGraduated in Economy and Trade. From 2006 becomes professional photographer with a studio in Iglesias. Specialized in photography of ceremonies and in management of digital files with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
In 2009 a jury of International Fund Orvieto Photography awards him a qualification QIP- Qualified Italian Wedding’s Photographer.
Attended Man Ray Photoschool , where from this year teaches “Management and filing of digital files with Adobe Lightroom”.

Ivana SalisIvana Salis, graduated in Art History in 2009 and a graduate student in History of Contemporary Art at the School of Specialization in Historical Artistic Heritage of the University of Siena.  
She contributes to various researches for “Progetto Nuovi Archivi del Futurismo”, volumes 3-4., sponsored by the Foundation Quadriennale Nazionale d’Arte and by the CNR and published by De Luca Editori, Rome, dedicated to the “Cataloghi di esposizioni” (2010), edited by E. Crispolti. Moreover, with the School of Specialization of Siena, she collaborates to the edition of the volumes dedicated to the critic Enrico Crispolti.
She was the winner for the year 2011-2012 of the scholarship “Ingrao” funded by the Municipality of Cagliari, with a research on the painter Emilio Notte, curated by R. Notte, E. Crispolti and G. Agnese.
Her interest in Contemporary Art in Sardinia gave birth, in 2011, to a retrospective exhibition on Hoder Claro Grassi curated by Vittorio Sgarbi (with whom she has been collaborating since 2009), result of the work on the master thesis supervised by Professor Maria Luisa Frongia.
Since 2006 she has been collaborating with several organizations and cultural institutions, including the Diocesi of Cagliari for which she worked on the project of cataloguing of Movable Property of historic-artistic interest promoted by CEI throughout Italy (2008-2010), the Diocesan Museum of Cagliari, for which she curated the set-up of three exhibitions dedicated to the cycle of the Virgin Mary (2009) and in 2012 the educational session of the museum; she he is responsible for  the didactics of Consortium Camù, she held a conference during the European Heritage Days at the Superintendency of  Cagliari (2012).
She writes for the cultural website MilanoArteExpo.


His first contact with photography was when he accompanied his father, a landscape architect, on his trips to photograph the lands he was to develop and the flora in the botanical gardens of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. His first camera, a Kodak Brownie, which introduced him to film protected by red paper, parallax and the elements of framing, was his Christmas present in 1944. Since then he has never been without a camera to document his now long journey through life.
His shots have appeared in exhibitions in Cagliari in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2013.
With university studies in the United States and an Italian degree in foreign languages and literature, he has taught English at all levels, up to the university. He now works as a translator and editor of texts in the fields of art, science, technology and literature.


From a young age he manifested a real talent for drawing comics. After receiving his maturity at Artistic Lyceum in Cagliari and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he continued to cultivate a passion for the visual arts, moving from graphic design to video in general: Ceremonial, but especially industrial video clips Rock underground area.




Set Man Ray Photo School 2006/2007
"Fashion Fifties VS Fashion Trend

Set Man Ray Photo School 2007/2008
"Pin up"

Set Man Ray Photo School 2008/2009
"Beat generation"

Set Man Ray Photo School 2009/2010
"Sergio Leone's parody"

Set Man Ray Photo School 2010/2011
"Sei personaggi in cerca di identità"

Set Man Ray Photo School 2010/2011
"Personaggi contemporanei"

Set Man Ray Photo School 2012/2013
"The touch of Evil" di Orson Wells

Set Man Ray Photo School 2013/2014
"La mala educacion
" by Pedro Almodovar



•    Take place during seven months
•    Enrolment is open from May 2014. Class has a restricted access.
•    Course starts in October of 2015 and finishes in April 2016.
•    Lessons are biweekly: Monday and Wednesday at 20.15- 22.00; some holidays for excursions. For some practic lessons pupils will be divided in two groups: group A and group B. Group A will attend practic lessons from 18.00 to 20.00, while group B- from 20.15 to 22.15.
•    Lessons of theory will take place with a help of audio-visual materials.
•    Is planned final written test and certificate of attendance with evaluation of different subjects.
•    Is planned a delivery of didactic lecture notes of lessons themes.
•    Are planned meetings with professional photographers who will present their works




  • Photo studio;
  • Didactic room;
  • Secretariat;
  • Library of visual arts (photography, cinema, fine arts, sculpture, applied arts).

Lessons will take place in via Isonzo, 26 Cagliari.



For information about Man Ray Photo School contact numbers 070/283288 - 347/3614182 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We receive by appointment.




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