Imperfect Future 2008

Immagini della kermesse

art in progress

Project of Wanda Nazzari
By Centro Culturale Man Ray

Municipal Centre of Art and Culture Lazaretto Cagliari
Thursday  6, Friday  7, Saturday 8 November 2008



“Imperfect Future” Art in progress is an interactive project created by Wanda Nazzari, artistic director of the Cultural Centre Man Ray of Cagliari, multipurpose space devoted to contemporary artistic research. This year during its sixth edition, the event will take place in spaces of Municipal Centre of Art and Culture Lazaretto in Cagliari, Thursday November 6 from 17.30 until 21.00, Friday 7 and Saturtday 8 from 17.30 until 22.00.

The Cultural Centre Man Ray through “Imperfect Future” Art in Progress promotes talented youngsters in artistic disciplines like music, theatre, dance, visual arts. This happening, “a real liberating action” as Wanda Nazzari defines it, allowed to protagonists, involved in various artistic forms, to enrich, through the mutual exchange, their own emotional background, precious humus for the future creations.

An exhibition involved a group of the students of the school of Public Artistic Lyceum “Foiso Fois” of Cagliari, head office in via San Giuseppe; of Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari; of “Illuminated Factory”, School for the Actors Art of Cagliari, directed by Marco Parodi; of Civic School of Music of Cagliari; of College of History of Art and of Department of Archaeologic and Historic-Artistic Sciences of University of Cagliari.

Were present for the Visual Arts: Federico Carta, Stefano Melis, Gabriele Pais, Enrico Piras, Simone Pisano, Antonello Sanna, Mattia Secci, Alberto Spada;
for the Theatre: Collective Darkness Elite, The Companies of Watermelon, students of Illuminated Factory, Roberta Locci, Luisa Massidda, Alessandro Pani, Elena Pau, Stefano Raccis, Daniela Spissu;
for the Music: Alethia, The Choir of Civic School of Music, Marco Argiolas, Riccardo Dessì, Alessio Devita, Elena Ledda, Marco Loddo, Giuseppe Maggiolo Novella;
For the Dance: Company Danzalabor Tersicorea, Devasta Kings, OnOff, Valentina Cossu, students of Luigia Frattaroli, Gabriele Vaccargiu;

Interventions: Antonello Dessì, “Mercurio Now”, Marco Nateri and Wanda Nazzari, “Listen!”;
Writing: Marcello Fois, Franca Nurchis;
Video: Stefano Grassi;
Scenic works: Marco Nateri.

"Mercurio Now"

Performance of Antonello Dessì with aparticipation of students of Artistic Lyceum Foiso Fois 5°A and 5° A bis, venue S.Giuseppe of Cagliari.

Youngsters run on the cloth of 20m painted by Antonello Dessì, that symbolizes the Past. The run of youngsters represents an uncertain future of youth, but also is a symbol of human inner travel.  At the beginning of the cloth, the presence of two boys symbolizes dialectic between Good/Bad, Eros/Thanatos, Apollonian/Dionysiac. The Apollonian is represented by one of the students depicted of black (Massimiliano Coscia), the Dionysiac by the student who with a naked body shows his muscles (Stefano Dessì). When boys simulate their death, artist paints an outline and a heart of youngsters and overspread it with colored glitters, in this moment youngsters lift up to symbolize the Rebirth.

The Incommunicability

Performance of Roberta Locci and Alessandro Pani.

A superimposition of cages represent a man who wants to arrive always above, with a reference to Babels tower. When the Babels tower falls, begins the incommunicability between the individuals, through the division of languages. The incommunicability that derives encloses and cages man in his own nudity.


Project by Wanda Nazzari
Direction and costumes of Marco Nateri
Video by Stefano Grassi

With rhe partecipation of Elena Ledda and Students of the Choir of Civic School of Music of Cagliari.


In collaboration with:

Fondazione Banco di Sardegna