Man Ray 1995 - 2005

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On the occasion of ten years of activity of the Cultural Centre Man Ray of Cagliari, Multipurpose Space dedicated to Contemporary Artistic Experimentations


By Mariolina Cosseddu


Reopen the doors of the space that for ten years marked a cultural life of Cagliari and not only, is an event that has to be celebrated with a careful and measured sense of reflection.


This decade saw in the heart of the old town a gallery and an association of the cultural operators around  of which were organized the most important artistic initiatives of the city.  Inaugurated in September of 1995 with a support of Salvatore Naitza, Cultural Centre, entitled not randomly in the name of the great American artist Man Ray, immediately was connoted like a multiBrundu-Gaetanofunctional space, directed towards various experimentations and able to channel an incredibly wide series of artists,


musicians, critics and professionals of performance.
Wanda Nazzari and Stefano Grassi gave life to this initiative, with a big dose of courage and passion, tireless agitators of the social-cultural context that is often slumberous and careless if not indifferent to visual arts.
An association, that not tries to achieve any profit and is founded on the free adherence of charter members, had a patronage of Culture Department of the Region of Sardinia, of the Province of Cagliari, of the municipality of Cagliari, Quartu, Sinnai, Siliqua, Soleminis, Sarroch, Villanovaforru. An expositive activity had its beginning from the foundation of association and did not stop in spite of the closing of the site in via Lamarmora in 2003, like in the case of the exhibition of “Rooms” organized in the Museum of the Region “Sa Corona Arrubia” of Villanovaforru.
If it is unthinkable in this site to retrace initiatives in their entirety and chronological precision, it is however possible to remember appointments that connoted an expositive work. With a continuous and regular cadence happened around twenty annual exhibitions, with an overall number of around 150 expositions.  There were some strict


ly thematic exhibitions, born from an idea, a necessity, a solicitation condensed in a formal or conceptual suggestion and offered to artists invited to participate. It is worth it to remember “Becoming Nude”, “For Naitza”, “Artists Toys”, “Praise of the White”, “Stop of the Time” and “Line Makes It Visible”. It is also important more systematic meetings modulated annually that became a regular appointment and varied during the years. It is a case of “Rooms” or “Walks of the spirit”, “Imperfect future” or “Crossovers”. In this case it is about exhibitions of wide scope that every time were in charge of critical discretionary of one curator who plotted main theme and kept an eye on performance.
A distinctive aspect of cultural activity of the Man Ray has been always represented by interest for young and more present tendencies of the contemporary. If in every event offered by the Centre works of young artists were enhanced and presented next to the personalities of more certain depth, in “Imperfect Future” their presence and operative ability became a dominant of the art conceived in progress and without conditions on the level of choices and language. Visual art, music, theatre, dance, multimedia exSale-Giuliano-2


pressions were alternated in a cultural happening, absolutely creative and original.
The actuality of the research and promotion of emerging artists is an important part of the Association but it is a case also to remember a figures that signed a history of the Sardinian art of the second part of twentieth century. From Aldo Contini to Maria Lai, from Primo Pantoli to Gaetano Brundu, from Gino Frogheri to Paola Dessy, from Tonino Casula to Giovanna Secchi, from Wanda Nazzari to Attilio Della Maria, from Nino Dore to Rosanna Rossi, from Igino Panzino to Gabriela Locci, to Zaza Calzia, Giuseppe Pettinau and Salvatore Coradduzza, and Caterina Lai, Antonello Ottonello, Aldo Tilocca, Gianfranco Pintus, Antonio Mallus, to cite only some of them, until more recent generation of Danilo Sini, Gianni Nieddu, Stefano Grassi, Monica Solinas, Alessandro Meloni, Pinuccia Marras, Efisio Niolu, Salis & Vitangeli, Enrico Corte, Andrea Nurcis, Daniela Zedda, Giulia Sale, Pastorello, Pietrolio, Marina Madeddu, Francesco Casu, Maura Saddi, Dionigi Losengo, Adelaide Lussu, Japanese Satoshi Hirose, American Arthur Lindsay.
There were various assiduous collaborators in these ten years: Rita Atzeri, Antonello Casu, Alessandra Menesini, Mauro Nannini, Gabriella Perra, Nora Scano. It is also important to remember precious critical collaborations of Claudio Cerritelli, Placido Cherchi, Lanfranco Colombo, Giannella Demuro, Ivo Serafino Fenu, Anna Maria Janin, Alessandra Menesini, Gianni Murtas, Mauro Rombi.
On the adjoining and parallel front took place and was structured a didactic activity, strong point and vital engine of the entire system. Created by Stefano Grassi as a School of Photography it remains, after ten years of life, a reality of organic and complete formation.
Around the specificity of didactics coagulated conferences, workshops of the history of art, training courses in visual arts and video that documents various performances and activities.


Mariolina Cosseddu



Silvia Argiolas

Luisanna Atzei

Gianni Atzeni

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Alessandro Biggio

Gaetano Brundu

Zaza Calzia

Antonello Casu

Lorenzo Casula

Tonino Casula

Ines Cireddu

Salvatore Coradduzza

Rosanna D'Alessandro

Attilio Della Maria

Paola Dessy

Nino Dore

Simone Dulcis

Gino Frogheri

Stefano Grassi

Gaspare Guccini

Satoshi Hirose

Caterina Lai

Maria Lai

Angelo Liberati

Arturo Lindsay

Gabriella Locci

Marco Loi

Dionigi Losengo

Adelaide Lussu

Marina Madeddu

Antonio Mallus

Pinuccia Marras

Guglielmo Massidda

Maria Grazia Medde

Andrea Mele

Alessandro Meloni


Mirella Mibelli

Carla Mura

Wanda Nazzari

Gianni Nieddu

Efisio Niolu


Paolo Ollano

Maria Grazia Oppo

Nico Orunesu

Antonello Ottonello

Primo Pantoli


Igino Panzino




Giuseppe Pettinau


Roberto Piazza


Mauro Pili


Gianfranco Pintus


Giorgio Podda

Stefania Polese

Rosanna Rossi

Anna Saba

Maura Saddi

Giulia Sale

Giuliano Sale

Salis & Vitangeli

Giovanna Secchi

Gianfranco Setzu

Virginia Siddi

Danilo Sini

Monica Solinas

Giorgio Urgeghe

Beppe Vargiu

Daniela Zedda