Imperfect future 2005

Interactive project of Art in progress 2005

By Wanda Nazzari

Centro Culturale Man Ray
Via De Gioannis 25 - Cagliari

Interventions of:

Gaetano Brundu, Gabriella Locci.

L’happening still reaffirm an artistic experience that overtakes any fracture between art and life, giving an ethical recognition of the liberating attitude of the artist. Individual liberation that becomes collective liberation, including in this collectivity also a public, that is never passive but interacts with its emotions, sometimes also physically entering in this game, into the work that becomes a sign of the life. The artist draws a sign into the space, coming up again with its cipher, pronouncing words, moving in the collective dimension, that also is a time of life, of interrogation and of affirmation, in the act of being like in the act of exist.
“Imperfect future” fifth edition, interactive happening, has an aim to identify and promote young emerging artists who will produce an art in progress, in all freedom and with a spirit of collaboration. Visual art, theatre, dance, music, writing alternate integrating and stimulating in the cultural happening to last three days.  
Some youngsters from the last year of Accademy of the Fine Arts of Rome, and one graduated in 2004 in the Accademy of Fine Arts of Sassari, will form a structure of visual arts, will join them actors, musicians, writers, in the active “dance”, projected only in part, that will see in different affiliations a crescendo of interventions that will become a pure energy and a spirit of the art.
Wanda Nazzari


Giulia Camoglio, Alberto Picciau, Alberto Spada, Cristian Uccheddu

Elio Turno Arthemalle, Roberta Locci, Fabio Marceddu, Antonello Murgia,
Elena Pau, Stefano Raccis, Daniela Spissu, Fausto Siddi, Monica Zuncheddu

Mario Brai, Francesca Romana Motzo, Alessandro Olla, Cecilie Ràbiller

Giulia Clarkson, Roberto Portas

Stefano Grassi