Multimedial project of Wanda Nazzari
By Mariolina Cosseddu

Gaetano Brundu - Tonino Casula - Aldo Contini - Stefano Grassi - Wanda Nazzari - Giuseppe Pettinau -  Giuliano Sale

SA CORONA ARRUBIA/CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY - Villanovaforru (22 november - 30 december 2003)


There are theoretically thousand ways to conceive and edit a multiple exibition; in reality they are reduced into the two big critical categories: this one thematic that starts debates and argumentations, and this one that masks in the expositive collectivity other personal, mostly when are mustered names that are already the guarantee of quality and of acquired artistic depth. With the new edition of “Rooms” is tried to reconcile the things, to shuffle the cards, to share the responsibilities, to slough beginning with the places of exposition.

The “Rooms 2003” changed seat and from the heart of the ancient city of via Lamarmora transferred in the museum “Sa Corona Arrubia”, in the gallery dedicated to the contemporary artists. Almost not at all unusual guests, seeing that the museum cautiously starts a cultural politics that, next to the events of spectacular recall, dedicates sensitive look also to the facts of the contemporaneity, always more necessitous of cautious and enterprising operations of visibility and critical reflection. Next to the splendid valleys of a territory that is redundant of past history that still need to draw more compelling relations with a present, is an ideal place to feel the existence of a contemporary art strongly strCont04uctured in the cultural history of the island: is the case of Gaetano Brundu, Aldo Contini and Tonino Casula, Wanda Nazzari and Giuseppe Pettinau; but also of younger one as Stefano Grassi and Giuliano Sale, ready to admit this so demanding inheritance and start it for other results. Limited spaces did not allowed to render wider and more articulate the expositive choice that other “rooms” will be able to enrich and complete in the future.
To every artist were asked to individualize a moment, past or recent, of the own personal story, when he recognizes oneself with deepest adhesion; a phase that represents him as a impeccable calling card and on which he is still ready to play the own game.
Now, if it is true that the story about ourselves can be understood only in the totality of the own being and of the own operating, it is also true that it can be valid for the figurative arts as James Joyce sustained about novelist: “In the heart of a man there is place only for one novel... and when are written several, it is always about the same artificially masked with other words”. So, if choosing is however an unnatural and ambiguous act, we cannot prescind from the fact that in the work is written the own story. It is about deciding which part of this story contain that “uniqueness” that the other works reply in other solutions. If we trust this thesis, the exhibition acquires a thematic and interrogative character: is it possible to entrust to single works pieces of the own existence that representsale-0a a part or all of it? But invited artists, except the younger ones, already produced fundamental pages of the art in Sardinia and place themselves as obliged passages of a recent history. And so, personal in the meaning that makes from this term a story shared by others and with others, in our case, where the triad of aperture place itself as a first chapter of a cultural event that already is delivered to the artistic research of the island. Artists who open this exhibition, Brundu- Casula- Contini and young Sale, do not need conversational excesses. Whoever visit, also occasionally, the artistic territory, acquires their role and their presence of intellectuals who knew to masterly conjugate the social and didactic functions with the operative practice. From the other side assisting to the exposition of the different unedited works of Gaetano Brundu is a fact of big cultural and historic interest that this exhibition intends to celebrate.
The second phase of “Rooms 2003” has as a protagonists two historic personalities of the art in Sardinia and a younger figure but not less qualified: Giuseppe Pettinau, Wanda Nazzari and Stefano Grassi.
First two artists take form in a perspective of commitment and of cultural practice that seen Giuseppe Pettinau an active part in the first formations of artistic research from the first years of sixties and Wanda Nazzari giving life to the activities of the Man Ray Centre where she is artistic director.


Mariolina Cosseddu

The Naturalistic Museum of the Territory of the Tourist Consortium “Sa Corona Arrubia” enrich with a new cultural collaboration: the partnershipnazzari-01 with the Man Ray Centre of Cagliari and close a year of intense expositive activity both in the ambit of the Gallery of Contemporary Artists, that held in 2003 eight exhibitions, four personal and 4 collective, and in the ambit of the big pavilions that held the exhibitions of international character “Leonardo da Vinci, curious genius” and “Egyptian man. The ancient Pharaonic civility in the story of its protagonists”.The main intent of the Museum is to create a multiproposal cultural space able to stimulate the curiosity about the contemporary art, and not only, to create lasting collaborations and exchanges of ideas with associations, as the Man Ray, that for years operate in the cultural field. Paraphrasing what was said about the inauguration of Mart of Botta, “Do not call it museum”, or not only, what we want is to create a space of meeting and stimulus to confront and discuss about art on line with the most modern European and world interpretations of the concept of Museum, that develops in dynamic sense, of the space opened to new social initiatives becoming a center promoter of cultural events. Thanks to the Man ray the rooms of the museum indulge to mental ambits. Some works... speaking, govern it. Young talents and affluent masters walk,  sharing them, the spaces of the gallery, disjointed in cubic asymmetries of cylinders, cubes and hostile parallelepipeds. Everyone, with the own presence, finds a moment of personal respite in the common context. “Rooms”, multimedia project at its fifth edition, in the closing of the programming of the 2003, appropriates the rooms of the museum that in their common mental silence block the time in a historic unrepeatable moment: that one of the authors who continue their figurative research in a calm isolate insular earth, in the research of sensitive minds that, distracted from the daily frenzy, for a moment are able to dwell to look, listening.


Paolo Sirena
Director of  Museo del Territorio - Villanovaforru