Imperfect Future III Edition

happening of art in progress

A multimedial project of Wanda Nazzari
Man Ray Cultural Center - Cagliari
29 - 30 - 31 may 2003

The imperfect Future is interactive project of art in progress created by Wanda Nazzari, artistic director of the Man Ray Cultural Centre of Cagliari, multipurpose space dedicated to the contemporary artistic research. The event, this year during its third edition, has as an aim the promotion of young artists that are separated in various disciplines: painting, music, theatre, dance, video, poetry. The happening, “a true liberating act” as Wanda Nazzari defines it in the presentation of the first appointment, will see involved this year some artists that participated in the last editions and other emergent chosen by the Man Ray. Together, some very noted personalities that, with their presence, not only make more important the event but also will present to younger artists moments of growth and of reflection.


Silvia Argiolas, Alessandro Biggio, Simone Dulcis, Alessandro Meloni, Carla Mura, Giuliano Sale.

Marco Argiolas, Franco Corda, Diego Deiana, Francesca Romana Motzo, Cècille Rabiller, Alessandro Ragazzini.

Rita Atzeri, Tiziana Martucci, Stefano Raccis, Rossella Serri, Fausto Siddi.

Simona Pusceddu "Danzateatrolab", Tiziana Troja "La pietra pomicie".

Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roberto Portas.

Stefano Grassi

Wanda Nazzari, Marco Ravasio, Rino Sudano.