Stopover of Time

Collective exhibition by Mariolina Cosseddu


Annalisa Achenza, Silvia Argiolas, Gianni Atzeni, Salvatore Corraduzza, Attilio Della Maria, Maria Luisa Delzotto, Simone Dulcis, Adelaide Lussu, Dionigi Losengo, Marina Madeddu, Paolo Ollano, Giuseppe Pettinau, Marco Pili, Raffaele Quida, Antonello Ruscazio, Maura Saddi, Giuliano Sale, Monica Solinas, Luciano Soro

The theme that the exhibition wants to face is definitely wide and without distinct borders. The intent is this one to take the reflection on moments, private or collective, that marked the own or the others story. A stopover of time, therefore, for infiltrating in a zone of silence, far away from the noise and from the contemporary disorder. A dimension accordingly extraneous to the everyday life so much practiced lately by the actual research: for some this corresponds to a distance from the space and from the usual time, for entering in a metaphysical stasis, for some can correspond to afterthought about events that request a pause of deep and demanding reflection.
Other time, inner and provocative in the same time, that serves to dissuade the look from a forgetful and superficial present for concentrating the attention on experiences of more wide and captivating respite. Sublime the temporality would equal, in conclusion, to giving a life to different forms of the imaginary and, through it, recover themselves and the own inner time.
Mariolina Cosseddu